Product Literature
Product Overview Facility Management & Protection
Product Overview – Facility Management & Protection
Bioprotect™ Hydrating Hand Sanitizer
Bioprotect™ FDA Approved Hydrating Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol Free)
Bioprotect™ RTU (Ready to Use)
Bioprotect™ RTU
Bioprotect™ RTU for Food Contact Surfaces
Bioprotect™ 500 Concentrate
Bioprotect™ 500 Concentrate
Bioprotect™ SmartTouch Disinfectant Sanitizer
Bioprotect™ SmartTouch® EPA Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant
Sanders Electrostatic Filters
High Efficiency Filter and HVAC Solutions

Solutions by Industries
Bioprotect™ Hotels
Bioprotect™ for Hospitality & Hotels
Bioprotect airplanes
Bioprotect™ for Aircrafts
Bioprotect™ Automotive Cars Vehicles
Bioprotect™ for Vehicles
BioProtect™ Cruise
Bioprotect™ for Boats/Cruise Lines
Bioprotect™ for HVAC Installers and Systems
Bioprotect™ for HVAC  Systems
White Papers & Research
Long Term Efficacy – 3 Month Hospital Report at 3 different hospitals
Ryerson University: Technical Report – ISO 22196:2011 Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces “Modified Large droplet Inoculation Method.”
Improved Control of Microbial Exposure Hazards in Hospitals: A 30 Month Field Study
Bio-static surface protection: the next step towards improved infection control
Surface treatment for improved inhibition of microbial surface colonization: laboratory to real-world application
UV-Curable Contact Active Benzophenone Terminated Quaternary
Ammonium Antimicrobials for Applications in Polymer Plastics and
Related Devices
An Organofunctional Silane Antimicrobial Technology: A Broad Spectrum, Non-Leaching Antimicrobial for Protection of Medical Goods and Facilities